Sunday, December 11, 2005

ABMB: the containers, PLUS

Okay, this will be my second to final Art Basel Miami Beach post. I'm very glad I went and saw SO MUCH ART.

At the containers on the beach I especially enjoyed seeing Alexandre Da Cunha and William Daniels at Vilma Gold, Torsten Slama at Galeria Vera Gliem, and Ian Burns at Spencer Brownstone.

Alexandre Da Cunha had two small paintings made from re-worked antique thrift store paintings. The one I am remembering was almost a monochrome, kind of a dark red painted over the original painting, except for a single thin strip of flaking earth-sky tones with a faraway bird. The whole canvas has been loosened from it's stretchers and is drooping over.

William Daniels small painting looks like a collage of torn paper but is in fact all painted. It was *wow*.

Torsten Slama
Torsten Slama -He had a number of works up, they were all super perfect, landscapes and buildings, like with colored pencil or maybe a very fine brush. This is his container, above. Wish I had better notes or better photos.

Ian Burns made the container into a small funhouse with wood and lights and wooden puppet shadows being projected onto paper screens. Like Flintstones television.

PLUS: Here are links to ALL THE PHOTOS from Miami, including many many that were not posted to the blog. Some of them I have not listed the name of the artist or gallery yet because I don't have any notes for them.

Photos from Aqua, Miami, 2005, photos from Art Basel Miami Beach, 2005, photos from NADA, Miami, 2005, photos from Scope, Miami, 2005.

If you know of someplace I can link to with photos of the other fairs (Frisbee, Pulse, etc), please let me know.