Friday, December 30, 2005

artblogs beget artblogs

Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof have a new artblog project called visiting artists projects, maybe something for them to showcase their own work more.

Roberta and Libby
Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof

Roberta also has another new projects blog called night before xmas; this one lists her name as the sole contributor, but I don't know if she will be able to keep herself from sharing and collaborating for very long. Actually, she used a photo I took of them in her first project!

Bill Gusky
Bill Gusky

Artist and frequent artblog participant Bill Gusky has started a blog called Artblog Comments, to keep track of his contributions to various artblog discussions. What a great idea! His most recent post responds to my post from yesterday on the Surface Charge show. The best artblog comment threads (that I'm aware of) are to be found at Artblog.net, Artistic Thoughts, Edward Winkleman, Phantastic, and Thinking About Art.

Comment boards are, for me, maybe THE BEST part of artblogs. I like both the anonymous angry stuff and the smart discussion stuff, and the fact that artists, curators, critics, gallerists, and collectors can all interact - regardless of location or recognition/success level. Edward Winkleman recently had a post asking artists who they are most inspired by and one of the non-anonymous repliers, Mark Creegan, was an artist in Florida who included a link to his website. Great!

Mark Creegan
Mark Creegan

(art.blogging.la used to have lively comments but she stopped it, you can read about it's demise here - wish she would turn them back on)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Martin- so kind of you. I agree with you about artblog comments- they help me keep from feeling so isolated. I like Gusky's new project- some blogger should collect the comments from that blog and call it "artblog comment's comments!" :) Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Thanks much for the mention and the encouragement, Mr. B! It's much appreciated. We'll see where the new project goes, it has a fairly simple goal.

Mark, thanks for the encouragement, too!

Happy new year!!!

Kai said...

Hi Martin
I just saw one of the curators from the Philadelphia Meatball show in Anna Maria's Pizza (Bedford L stop pizza). I let 'em have it. They got belted silly with the knowledge of the real deal meatball. Thanks for giving me something to fight for. In fact, if any of you artblogs out there need somebody roughed up- I'm pretty big. http://kaivierstra.net Now with video! soon to be .com again!!

Kai said...

Merry Christmas Martin. Need anybody beat up yet? Pet Onslo please.
Misses & Kisses

Anonymous said...

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