Thursday, December 08, 2005

Art Basel Miami Beach: Basel's Best Dealers

Mr. Koyama of Koyama Gallery, Art Basel, Miami
Tomio Koyama of Tomio Koyama Gallery. Here he is visiting the containers.

Matthew Marks with Meatball, Art Basel, Miami
Matthew Marks of Matthew Marks Gallery. Without question, a supporter of artists. I interrupted him during one of his busiest four days of the year and he took the time to help me.

Sean Kelly Gallery, Art Basel, Miami
Sean Kelly Gallery. Not sure of his name, but Thank You.

Meatball on Table, at Paula Cooper, Art Basel, Miami
Paula Cooper Gallery.

That meatball has now been branded. The price has gone up. If you want it you must give me SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!


Anonymous said...

Barbara Thumm just said something others are too polite to tell you.

Martin said...

Hello Brave Commenter - How often do you read this blog? Why? Where do you live? What do you do? Why is it that you don't use your real name, if yours is in fact the majority opinion?

Do you think Thumm is impolite? Do you dislike my paintings, as well as some of the things I say and do? What do you think of Siden's work?

What artists do you like and dislike?

Martin said...

I've edited out the second part of this post, the part that prompted the anonymous criticism. Not that I regret sharing the story neccesarily, but because it was the only negative thing I've had to say in all of these ABMB posts and it just felt out of place.

Maybe I will put it back or relate the story in a later post. I don't know. What should I do?

I would still like to hear back from anonymous though. I'm just curious - will you answer honestly?

Anonymous said...

Barbara Thumm's Vertretung is strange, too. About high and low art we can argue, but I do not. I learnt a lot of Berliner and actually I live in Berlin but I will never get this attitude of categorising high and low Art.

Thanks in advance, A:C:R

Anonymous said...

Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval.

I hope that my comment will be visible.

Barbara Thumm hat leider nicht das gelbe gefressen.