Thursday, December 08, 2005

ABMB: NADA, Miami, 2005

Fie Norsker

AnabaMiami - 70

Fie Norsker
Fie Norsker at Mogadishni - I first admired the painting on a wall outside the booth, and then inside the booth I was enjoying the unlabeled sculptures - it was a nice surprise to learn they were by the same artist.

Blake Rayne, Sean Paul
Blake Rayne (front) and Sean Paul at Sutton Lane.

Alison Fox
Alison Fox at Atm - Nice green, nice scale, and nice spaaaace.

Donald Baechler
Donald Baechler at (?)

Chris Smith
Chris Smith at General Store - This is something I would have bought if I had any money. Like a Friedrich. Love the dirty snowbank and the bright reds.

He's the same guy that made American Movie and co-directed The Yes Men.

AnabaMiami - 65

Anj Smith
Anj Smith at Ibid Projects

Nick Evans
Nick Evans at Transmission Gallery. Here's another angle. He also had a nice, small wall-piece, you can kind of see it behind the (ceramic) stick in that link.

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